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Get Control! of Email Class

Is your inbox overloaded?  Are you wasting time on low priority email?  This class will improve your communication skills and help you organize and prioritize your inbox for maximum personal productivity.

1. Quantity: Reduce time spent on email by 20%.
2. Quality: Boost clarity, and effectiveness of email by 35%
3. Coaching: Increase sharing of email best practices by 100%
  • Prioritize and de-clutter your jammed inbox
  • Write brilliant email that gets fast results
  • Conquer email overload
  • Determine and rapidly complete important tasks
  • Amazing Outlook®, Gmail, Lotus, and more tech tips that speed workflow and reduce interruptions
  • +Insights for all e-communication formats including email, text, IM, and social media

In a world overflowing with email, tasks, and interruptions it’s hard to prioritize and get things done. This powerful class puts you back in control! First you’ll learn how to slay the email overload monster, prioritize tasks, and de-clutter your inbox. Next, the ground-breaking ABC tool will help you write clear, concise, and actionable email that gets fast results. You’ll discover powerful time management tips, debunk popular myths, and master your current technology (Outlook, Gmail, smart phone, etc.). Finally, you’ll learn creative ways to help everyone on your team adopt Get Control! insights so that real and lasting cultural change takes place.

  • Any email user seeking to organize and prioritize his or her inbox and life
  • Professionals who manage multiple priorities, lots of email, and a growing number of tasks
  • Colleagues struggling with information overload or time management
90-minute live seminar | 60-minute webinar or keynote speech | 30-minute e-Module
Seminar participants receive a Get Control! of Email workbook, and an optional copy of the Hamster Revolution book (a best-seller in 12 languages). Webinar participants can download the workbook online 24×7 from anywhere in the world.

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