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Leadership Thru Technology

Is your whole team tech-savvy? Could your team accomplish more if they made better use of everyday technology like Outlook, Windows, and smart phones? Discover incredible tech tips and coaching tools that help leaders maximize team performance and unity in a tech-driven, increasingly virtual world.

Leadership Thru Technology™ (Standard Class)

1. Help leaders boost team productivity by over 15% via the improved use of technology
2. Ignite a passion for discovering better ways to leverage technology
3. Increase sharing of technology best practices by 100% and effectively manage remote teams
• Discover amazing, quick-to-learn, easy-to-use tech tips that can be shared with your team
• Learn powerful new ways to transform an ordinary team into a tech-savvy productivity powerhouse
• Boost trust and build team unity via improved e-communications
• Discover secrets for coaching in an a tech-driven, 24-7, always on, virtual world
Most leaders desperately need to upgrade their tech coaching skills. Most employees spend half their day in Outlook, Salesforce.com or working on PCs, tablets, and smart phones. Yet most leaders struggle to teach their people how to boost productivity, profits and sales by leveraging this costly technology. Your leaders will discover how to:
• Diagnose their employees’ individual and team TQ (Tech Quotient = Team Tech Skill Level)
• Diagnose their own Leadership Thru Technology coaching style
• Identify, motivate and celebrate tech champions
• Become tech ambassadors who walk the walk by enthusiastically sharing carefully selected Zip! Tips and strategies with their people
• Master e-communications (email, text, IM, social media) and virtual meetings to maintain excellent relationships, team focus, and job satisfaction
• Any leader or team member seeking to boost performance via technology
• Anyone managing people who use technology like Outlook, Windows, smart phones, etc.
90-minute live seminar | 60-minute webinar or keynote speech | 30-minute e-Module
Seminar participants receive a Leadership Thru Technology workbook and an optional copy of the best-selling Zip! Tips: The Fastest Way to Get More Done book. Webinar participants can download the handout online 24×7 from anywhere in the world.

Leadership Thru Technology™ (Masters Program)

In this advanced version, leaders attend a one hour class once a week with master facilitator, Mike Song. The sessions can be live or virtual. Each week they receive a Leadership Thru Technology (LTT) growth assignment. The assignments take roughly 1-2 hours and are implemented by interacting with direct reports.

Week 1 – Probe Phase: Leaders gather information and diagnose their team including themselves. Each leader is classified via a diagnostic test with a Leadership Thru Technology profile. They are given an assignment to assess their team’s TQ – Tech Quotient, identify tech champions, and crucial tech pain points.

Week 2 – Act Phase: Leaders take an hour and learn 10 extremely useful tech tips. Rigorous practices builds confidence for even the least tech savvy participant. Then the leader shares the tips – which we call Zip! Tips with their team with the goal of getting their people to say, “Wow! That’s really useful!” This triggers a newfound excitement around technology and often results in an exciting exchange of tips from direct reports.

Week 3 – Com Phase: Leaders assess all of the tech channels that their people use to communicate. This includes text, IM, email, virtual meetings, social media and many more. They focus on the clarity of e-communications as well as business etiquette. In this phase, leaders learn that most employees have a lot of confusion over what e-Com tool to use when and that most leaders commit a number of tech etiquette mistakes almost every day. Team discussions lead to brainstorming on how the team can communicate more effectively.

Week 4 – Charter Phase: Leaders boil the biggest advances of the past three weeks into 5-10 team best practices. They conduct a lively discussion about what insights can emerge as team standards. They document these strategies in a Charter Document and develop a plan for continued growth and sustained utilization of key insights. Leaders receive certification as Leadership Thru Technology Master Graduate when they present their Charter to Mike Song at the conclusion of the course.

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Four 1 hour classes over 4-8 weeks | One 30 minute graduation, certification ceremony

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