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Time Management: You’re Doing it Wrong!


New E-Book: Discover why everything you’ve been taught about time management is wrong. Mike Song shares shocking data from 50,000 surveys that demonstrate the extremely flawed logic used in current time management training. He also reveals 5 new and amazingly effective productivity strategies and provides essential advice to anyone rolling out a time management initiative.

eBook: Time Management: You’re Doing It Wrong!

Get Control! University brochure.

Top 20 Goals Sheet: Plan for success with this powerful performance tool. Focus on what matters most and avoid low priority meetings, projects, and tasks.

Free COTA Icons: A library containing the alphabet and images.

Get Control! of Meetings Action Items Tracker: A handy spreadsheet for tracking team meeting action items in the cloud.

Nissan Rollout Video: How to rollout effective email training.

F500 Case Studies: See how Capital One, Novartis, and Purdue saved 10-15 days a year per colleague via Get Control! training.

Free Zip! Tips E-Learning: Experience the e-learning module.

Hamster Revolution Desktop Job Aid: Tool from our hit book.

Meeting Cost Calculator: Figure how much meetings are costing your team and organization.

IDA Meeting Agenda Template: Run on-track, on-time meetings and execute critical action items with this easy-to-use agenda and meeting notes template.

Virtual Meeting Cheat Sheet: Create a list of key virtual meeting features and access info so that your web meetings will be glitch-free!


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