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“The Best Microsoft Word Class Ever!”

Looking for a fast, fun class to boost your Microsoft Word skills? Get ready for the best Microsoft Word training ever! This session uses a fun scenario and practice document that participants take from worst to first.  Discover surprising new ways to create papers that engage, compel, and delight your readers.  Participants will discover how to create a global theme, standardize colors and fonts, format text, insert art, videos, and templates, and much more.  Your documents will be more effective, persuasive, and professional.  Sign up now!

Boost Word skills by 30%.

  • Improve the impact of your documents via improved formatting and editing
  • Insert images, graphs, and charts to add visual punch to your documents
  • Save time via useful Word shortcuts, tips, tricks, and strategies

Many professionals struggle to create compelling Word documents. Typical problems include poor formatting, bad design, and unimpressive graphics.  This class immerses participants in a fun scenario – they suddenly work at a dynamic, recreational drone company.  They have been using a poorly designed document for a few weeks and are desperate to improve it.  Their mission is to convert this terrible document into a crisp, clear, attractive, compelling one.

  • Anyone who uses Office 365, Teams, or Planner

90 Minute Seminar | 60 Minute Webinar/Keynote | 30 Minute e-module | Quick-Hit Videos

Participants receive a handy, two-page Get Control! Quick-Hit Class guide in PDF format.
Option: We recommend purchasing access to the webinar recording and Get Control! Quick-Hit video library to boost results.

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