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Congrats!  Your TQ profile is Black Belt Techspert , also know as BBT.   BBTs make up less than 1% of the workforce! They have excellent tech and coaching skills, but more importantly, they take a long-term, strategic approach to boosting performance via TQ. BBTs will be more valued as our world becomes increasingly reliant on technology. BBTs often create an organization-wide increase in performance, productivity, and work/life balance.

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You should spend 25% of your time on learning new Tech Skills and 75% of your time on Tech Coaching Skills.


  • Techsperts are often positive, extroverted, top performers.
  • BBTs systematically explore their technosphere, always looking for time-saving tech features.
  • When BBTs discover a new tech tip, they get excited to share it.
  • BBTs practice.
  • They view time spent discovering tech insights as an excellent investment.
  • They believe that there are the best ways to use technology.


  • Black Belt Techsperts help all TQ Profile types, even other Techsperts.
  • Emerging Techies enjoy learning from Techsperts.  TEs are not condescending.
  • BBTs love it when a colleague says, “Wow! I had no idea you could do that!”
  • BBTs never appear to be “know-it-alls.”  Instead, they take a more humble approach, instantly slipping into the role of a student when a colleague mentions a tech insight.
  • BBTs may be perplexed at the way Silo Stars lack interest in tech sharing.
  • As one might expect, BBTs help Calm Coaches build their tech skills, and Silo Stars improve their coaching skills.
  • BBTs know that they can learn from anyone, even an Emerging Techie.  They seek out other Techsperts to continuously boost TQ.

Keys to Success

  • Complete the 4 Step TQ Action Plan.
  • Strive to master all Get Control! content.
  • Take a lifetime approach to learning – technology continually evolves and changes.
  • Always strive to show that TQ is a mission-critical leadership skill.
  • Mantra: TQ is the fastest way to boost performance.

Black Belt Techspert TQ Action Plan (TQAP™)

The TQ Action Plan (TQAP) is designed to help all profiles achieve a significant, lasting, and measurable improvement in TQ over four weeks. It is critical to complete each step. Your total time commitment can range from 1 to 4 hours per week. All TQ Profiles should execute an action plan each year.  Techsperts should see this process as a time to shine, help other colleagues, and create a significant surge in productivity and performance.

Many of the actions will involve watching a brief video at our Quick Hit Video Library.  Please bookmark the site on your first visit.  Just click the BLUE BUTTON below or copy and paste this text into your browser: https://www.getcontrol.net/video-library/.

Quick-Hit Video Library

You will only need your work email and organization name to enter.

Step 1: Probe Phase – Listen, Learn, and Document

  • Tech Skills Assignment: Click the Blue Button and watch all of the Get Control of Email videos. Practice each tip in this module with a particular focus on the 2nd and 5th videos in the series.  If you already know a tip, ask these two questions: 1) Are there other ways I can use this feature? And 2) What would be the best way to share this tip with a colleague?
  • Tech Coaching Skills Assignment:  Click the Blue Button and watch Get Control of TQ Coaching Video 1: Probe.
  • Ask colleagues about their technology pain points, breakthroughs, and best practices. Explain that you have taken the TQAT and are working on getting more done by boosting your TQ.  Practice the tips they share. black belt techspert
  • Focus your questions around Email, Meetings, and Digital Storage.
  • Find teammates who are Techsperts.  Ask for tips on how they share tech insights.
  • If available, have teammates complete the Tech Quotient Assessment Tool (TQAT)
  • Take careful notes.

Step 2: Act Phase – Learn by Doing, Get to Wow!

  • Tech Skills Assignment:  Click Blue Button and view and practice all of the Get Control of Meetings videos in the Quick Hit Video Library. Practice all tech tips, especially the Objenda template tip in video two and the tech tips in video four.
  • Tech Coaching Skills Assignment:  Click the Blue Button and watch and implement insights from the Get Control of TQ Coaching Video 2: ACT.
  • Review, practice, and enthusiastically share five tips from the Get Control! of Email videos with your colleagues.
  • Say, “This tip is saving me a ton of time!  Can I show it to you?”
  • Present your tips with energy and passion.  If you get a colleague to say, “Wow!” show them more tips.  If a colleague explains that they know everything you are sharing, praise their knowledge and ask them to share their tips with you.
  • Make an effort to refer to tech-savvy colleagues as Tech Champions vs. Nerds or Geeks.
  • Document what you experience and learn.

Step 3: Com Phase – Improve Communication via Technology

  • Tech Skills Assignment:  Click Blue Button and view and practice all of the Get Control of OneDrive and SharePoint videos in the Quick Hit Video Library. Practice all tech tips and invest time in organizing your digital world.
  • Tech Coaching Skills Assignment:  Click the Blue Button and watch and implement insights from the Get Control of TQ Coaching Video 3: COM.
  • Make a list of all the technology channels used at work.
  • Ask, “What is the best channel for each kind of communication?”
  • Determine at least three digital communication strategies will help everyone get more done.  For example, perhaps it is better to use text for urgent matters only.
  • Record everything that you learn.

Step 4: Charter Phase – Document Your TQ Plan for the Next Year

  • Tech Skills Assignment:  Click Blue Button and watch the videos for the class that will help boost your productivity the most.
  • Tech Coaching Skills Assignment:  Click the Blue Button and watch and implement insights from the Get Control of TQ Coaching Video 4: CHARTER.
  • Create a One Page TQ Commitment Charter that documents:
    • Pain: List your team’s top TQ pain points
    • Gain: List the five best TQ tips or strategies that you have found.  Also, list at least 3 Tech Champions
    • Sustain: Develop an annual strategic plan which includes taking the TQAT and implementing a TQAP (Tech Quotient Action Plan).  Include awards for top performers
  • Record: Finalize your TQ Charter, share with colleagues, and email to tq@getcontrol.net.
  • Practice all you’ve learned for a week and retake the TQAT to see how much you’ve improved.  You may receive a certificate that documents your growth.

We invite your questions, comments, and feedback!

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• Mike Song’s global mission is to save our world’s 2 billion information workers 15 days a year. • Mike is the award-winning author of the bestselling books – The Hamster Revolution for Email and Zip! Tips: The Fastest Way to Get More Done. He is the founder of GetControl.net, one of the world’s leading providers of leadership and time management training serving more than 20% of Fortune 500 companies. • Mike has helped millions via interviews with Good Morning America, CNN, NPR, Fox News, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. His bestselling books have been translated into 12 languages and are available in more than 50 countries. • Mike has even helped leaders from the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Secret Service to manage technology more effectively in order to keep our country safe. Now he’s here to help you get more done and have more fun at work. Please give a warm welcome to Mike Song! • Optional Fun Facts About Mike Song  Musician: Mike is an award-winning singer, guitarist, and songwriter whose band, All the Voices has warmed up for Bon Jovi, The Ramones, and 10,000 Maniacs.  Athlete: Mike is an All-American distance runner who frequently wins his age category in 5k road races.  Inventor: Mike currently holds a patent for a revolutionary new way to organize information. His idea is currently being used by 450 companies around the world.  Minority Owned Small Business

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