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“The Best Digital Transformation Class Ever!”

Are you eager to get more done via the innovative use of technology?  Welcome to the best digital transformation class ever!

TQ aka Tech Quotient is the ability to learn, leverage, and share technology.  This class will determine your TQ Profile and help you understand how you can boost tech proficiency via a custom action plan.  You will also discover incredible virtual meeting, Office 365, Outlook, Teams, smartphone, and Google tips.  Best of all, you will continuously boost performance by developing a long-term TQ plan.  Sign up for this groundbreaking digital transformation class today!

  • Discover TQ: a new strategic approach to boosting and sharing tech know-how.
  • Understand your Tech Quotient Profile (TQP™) via the TQ Assessment Tool (TQAT™).
  • Boost TQ by mastering ten incredibly useful technology tips
  • Implement a simple post-training action plan that locks in long-term performance gains.
  • Increase TQ by 30%
  • Save 15 days a year
  • Boost productivity by 15%
  • Boost performance potential by 15% while saving 15 days a year
  • Reduce stress and complete projects on time
  • Gain recognition as a tech-savvy teammate and leader

Participants take the TQAT™ (Tech Quotient Assessment Tool) and discover their TQP™ (Tech Quotient Profile).  The TQP sorts the class into four technology styles (Emerging Techie, Calm Coach, Silo Star, and Techspert).  Participants learn a strategic four-step plan that boosts their TQ over the next few weeks.  Along the way, they discover powerful tech tips, useful e-communication strategies, and excellent methods to share insights with colleagues.  The final step is to create a Get Control! of TQ Charter – a simple one-page statement that documents the participant’s commitment to tech-excellence.

  • Anyone who uses Office 365 as their primary virtual work tool

90 Minute Seminar | 60 Minute Webinar/Keynote | 30 Minute e-module | Quick-Hit Videos

Seminar participants receive a Get Control! of TQ Quick-Hit Guide and access to the Quick-Hit Video Library.  Teams have the option of buying digital copies of Mike Song’s best-seller, The Hamster Revolution for TQ.

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