Get Control!
of iPhone® and iPad®

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Get Control! of iPhone® and iPad®

Looking to get more done with your iPhone or iPad? Discover exciting new tools, tips, shortcuts, and setting changes that will maximize your productivity and save you tons of time. start your iPhone or iPad clases.

  1. Save 10 days a year
  2. Achieve significant (>5%) increase in productivity
  3. 100% increase in sharing of iPhone and iPad insights
  • Condensed format focuses on the most powerful and underutilized features
  • Navigate more rapidly to what matters most
  • Discover useful email efficiency and writing tips
  • Learn exciting new ways to get more done via excellent Siri and dictation tips
  • Discover helpful phone, browser, battery life, search, and contact management strategies
  • Review new apps that save time and boost productivity
Imagine a class where the facilitator asks everyone to take out their iPhones or iPads and make immediate, on-the-spot changes that boost personal productivity! All tips are demonstrated on a live iPad and/or iPhone. The course begins with a series of rapid-fire navigation tips and setting changes that speed workflow. Attendees learn how to prioritize apps and info on their device. Strategies for reducing low priority interruptions and building focus are introduced.

Next, a series of useful email, effective writing, Siri commands, dictation, browser, and camera strategies are introduced and demonstrated. All tips are practiced in real time by participants to increase adoption and retention. Even tech-savvy participants constantly say, “Wow! I didn’t know that.” Also included in live and webinar programs are smart phone etiquette, work/life balance, job safety, and effective communication tips.

  • All iPhone and/or iPad users
  • Professionals eager to leverage technology to take their careers to the next level
90-minute live seminar | 60-minute webinar or keynote speech | 30-minute e-Module
Seminar participants receive the Get Control! of iPhone/iPad workbook and an optional copy of the best-selling Zip! Tips: The Fastest Way to Get More Done book. Webinar participants can download the workbook online 24-7 from anywhere in the world.

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