Get Control! of
Skype® for Business (Lync)

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Get Control! of Skype® for Business (Lync)

Struggling to improve team collaboration and communication?  The truth is that most professionals either overuse or under-use their Instant Messaging tool. This class makes it easy to rapidly learn the best, most useful features of Skype for Business – formerly called Lync.

  1. Better leverage Skype for Business or your IM tool to boost individual and team productivity
  2. Improve the quality of team communications
  3. Reduce interruptions while speeding completion of priority projects
  • Get more done via an improved e-communication strategy
  • Learn-by-doing approach helps ingrain key insights
  • Leverage powerful features like group lists, desktop share, and polls in innovative new ways
Individuals, teams, and entire organizations often fail to discover the powerful features within Lync and other Instant Messaging tools. Some teams overuse Lync, resulting in a fragmented, interruption-intense flow of information. Other teams underutilize excellent features like polls, chat, desktop share, and group lists. Get Control! of Skype for Business is packed with useful insights including:

  • Instant messaging etiquette
  • An overview of all Skype/Lync features and functions
  • Teamwork approaches that help everyone get more done
  • Anyone who uses Skype for Business or an instant messaging tool
  • Any leader eager to boost performance via improved e-communication
90-minute live seminar | 60-minute webinar or keynote speech
Seminar participants receive a Get Control! of Skype for Business handout and an optional copy of the Zip! Tips: The Fastest Way to Get More Done. Webinar participants can download the handout online 24×7 from anywhere in the world.

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