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Get Control! of PowerPoint Class

Do you need to improve your PowerPoint skills?  Good news!  In this class, you will discover surprising new ways to create presentations that engage, compel, and delight your audience.

The session comes in webinar, seminar, e-learning, keynote, and video format.  Participants receive a digital, Quick-Hit Handout and follow up videos to ensure they grasp and leverage all concepts. So complete the form below to set up a quick demo or get a free pass to sample the class.

Improve PowerPoint skills by 30%

  • Improve the impact of your presentations
  • Boost communication and presentation skills
  • Save time via useful PowerPoint tips, tricks, and strategies
  • Create color and style templates

Many professionals struggle to create compelling presentations in PowerPoint.  Their slides are often crowded, confusing, or just plain dull.  This class will help you see your presentations through the eyes of your audience.  You will learn practical techniques that take your presentations from worst to first in a flash.  The goal is to mesh a dynamic PowerPoint presentation with engaging presentation techniques to deliver a world-class performance.

Beginner and intermediate PowerPoint users

90 Minute Seminar | 60 Minute Webinar/Keynote | 30 Minute Emodule | Quick Hit Videos

Seminar participants receive the Get Control! of PowerPoint Quick Hit one page digital handout

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