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Overloaded by an avalanche of unproductive, poorly run meetings? Discover exciting, tech-driven ways to run brilliant, on time, on track meetings that get incredible results. This effective meeting class is fast, fun, and available in every training format.  Discover how to automate the agenda process, improve meeting preparation, increase participant engagement, and complete action items.

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  1. Reduce meeting time by 15%
  2. Boost meeting results by 30%
  3. Upgrade virtual meeting skills

Effective Meeting Class

  • New ways to reduce meeting frequency and duration = less wasted time
  • Powerful tools that keep your meetings on time and on track
  • Useful Outlook® e-Calendar tips that organize and prioritize your life
  • 5 must-use virtual meeting tips to run engaging, glitch-free virtual meetings
  • This effective meeting class boosts outcomes via technology (e-Calendar, Outlook, Web meeting, etc.)

Are you drowning in boring, low priority, off-course meetings that start late and accomplish little? Then it’s time to get control of meetings and get more done. You’ll learn amazing new ways to plan, structure, and run meetings. You’ll also discover how to get more out of every meeting you attend.

Get Control! of Meetings will help you reduce meeting overload and boost meeting outcomes. You’ll discover an easy-to-use template tool that infuses every meeting with purpose, drive, and focus. You’ll learn how to engage participants and run amazing, glitch-free virtual meetings. The session is packed with useful tips and tricks for Outlook, Gmail, Webex, Go to Meeting, and more.

  • Anyone who finds meetings frustrating or unproductive
  • Professionals eager to become excellent meeting attendees, organizers, or facilitators
  • Teams eager to boost meeting performance
  • Members of organizations that hold virtual meetings
90-minute live seminar | 60-minute webinar or keynote speech | 30-minute e-Module
Seminar participants receive a Get Control! of Meetings workbook, an optional copy of the best-selling Hamster Revolution for Meetings book. Webinar participants can download the workbook online 24×7 from anywhere in the world.

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