Egypt is Free at Last!  Productivity Lessons Abound.

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From Mike Song, CEO Email Productivity Training

Productivity Pyramid!  What can we all learn from Egypt?

It appears that today – the people of Egypt embark on the road to democracy and freedom. As a productivity expert, one can almost hear the motivation and excitement rising in the hearts of a nation – We are going to accomplish something historic…the playing field is leveling…we can chart our own course!  They got it done.  Free at last.

The military seems to be sincere and what this means at its core — I hope — is that Egypt can shake off the cobwebs and begin to build a new kind of pyramid.

An edifice based not on cruel control of the masses and slave labor but rather upon the notion that miracles happen when people are free, motivated, and chasing a dream of a better life.   A productivity pyramid is born today in Cairo.

Productivity — I believe — is at the core of these kinds of revolutions.  People in chains must feel an overpowering sense that they cannot produce, build, create, or chase their dreams and a better life for their families.

What we learn about producitivity is this:  You may have a tidy desk and a neat list of things to do.  But are you focused like an Egyptian — on what truly matters most?  Are you processing the latest, low value email because it’s easier than that tough, scary, and messy task that you’ve been avoiding.

Productivity at its core is about confronting our own weaknesses and deciding to forge ahead.  Doing great things depends on teamwork, frenetic focus, passion, stress, leveraging technology, and determination.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Mike Song, Lead Author, The Hamster Revolution 2/11/2011