Get Organized!  Tips for Organizing and Winning at Monopoly!

Mike Song Uses Monopoly to Show Kids and Adults How to Get Organized

Mike Song Get Control Time Management TrainingOur Get Control! training classes help professionals simplify the way they organize their info so they can find it in a flash.  It occurred to me that both kids and adults get virtually no training on how to organize critical information. What we need is an example that sells everyone on the value of getting organized so they can get more done with less stress.  Bam!  It came to me in a flash — using a fun game like Monopoly might work.

Here is an exercise that you can share with your kids.  Take that messy monopoly game out of the closet and have your kids sort the money and cards and then wrap 1 rubber band around those items.  Put all the other game pieces in a clear plastic baggy as show below.   Voila!  By simplifying the way we store our Monopoly money and game pieces we make it easy to set up — easy to put away — and more fun to play.  The same is true with the organization of digital information.  A little organization goes a long, long way!

How to Win at Monopoly

Get Control Time Management Training CompanyNow that we’ve organized our Monopoly game, here are a few quick suggestions that will help you win the very next time you play.
1) Make it a major goal to buy Railroads.  This shifts the odds of collecting rent in your favor as you will eventually collect rent on every quadrant of the board and this outweighs the fact that you can’t put hotels on them.
2)  Don’t buy hotels.  There are diminishing returns on buying more than 3 houses for each property so a much smarter strategy is to get 3 houses on a property and then add houses to another property.
3)  Keep buying properties.  Owning the properties — even if mortgaged — is better than not owning them.  They give you leverage and you can trade them which can give you an edge.
4)  Buy the best properties.  The best properties to own are Orange, Red, and Purple because when people go to jail they have to pass those properties again.  This shifts the odds of winning in the favor of those lucky enough to own St. James, St. Charles, and Indiana!
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