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We are eager to answer any questions you might have on our products and services. Please email us at info@getcontrol.net with your questions.

We have developed a simple measurement tool called The Get Control! Impact Assessment. The tool consists of an extremely well-designed 5 minute pre and post e-survey that provide concrete evidence of real, measurable behavior change over baseline results. All you need to do is send the survey links to your people and we do the rest. We provide a complete report of productivity gains, time-saved, impresssion of training, etc. For more info click here.
Simply, contact an Info-Excellence Account Executive by calling 1-888-340-3598 ext. 1 or click here to request more info. We will spend time understanding your team’s specific needs, challenges, and goals. Our job is to listen carefully and provide you with the right options to maximize performance. A common next step is a live or virtual meeting with key stakeholders to gather information, review course content, clarify objectives, and develop a plan for successful implementation.
Our classes receive rave reviews. Careful pre and post surveys collected for every client reveal that participants save 15 days a year on average. They write 37% more effective email and 98% of them immediately apply training concepts on the job. Participants improve their information storage skills by 25% and run 30% more productive meetings on average. Participants rate Info-Excellence classes as follows: 67% Excellent, 32% Good, 1% Fair, 0% Poor. Remarkably, 98% agree that Info-Excellence facilitators are helpful and professional and would recommend our seminars to all of their colleagues. Click here to request more info.
The fastest way to sample our content is via a brief virtual web demo which we would be happy to arrange for you and other stakeholders at your organization. For more info click here. If you would like to sample a live class please call us at 1-888-340-3598 ext. 1 to arrange a date. You can also sign up for one of our live webinars by clicking here.
We have worked with 15% of the Global 1000 and understand that you need to prove the value and ROI for every project you undertake. We have developed a highly effective global rollout plan which involves collecting baseline and follow up data through an extremely effective survey tool. This three stage plan ensures that 1) the project is customized to your needs and effective in a pilot group, 2) That the rollout is seamlessly executed with many opportunities for feedback, adjustment, and improvements along the way, and 3) That results are maintained over time.

We carefully measure time savings, productivity gains, application of insights on the job, and much more. In addition, we have developed a remarkable infrastructure cost tool that allows us to help you understand the cost savings associated with reduced email volume, travel costs, and labor needs as result of Info-Excellence behavior changes. Contact us today to learn more about how we measure success — every step of the way. Click here to learn more.

We can provide our training in any format desired. We are adept at live, webinar, e-learning, and literary formats. Many of our clients choose blended solutions to maximize results and minimize costs. Info-Excellence live training is flexible and can be scaled from one hour to a full day. Most clients order two modules — for example Get Control of Email and Get Control of Info which is perfect for a half day session. This dramatically reduces costs becauses a single facilitator can traing one group in the AM and another in the PM on both modules. Our webinars are typically 90 minutes and our e-learning programs run roughly 45 minutes. Cost varies based on volume and logistics so please contact us for a quote by clicking here.
Our usual class size is 10-30 professionals. However, this is flexible and we can work with you to optimize training impact no matter what size group you have. For larger groups we can also provide keynote speeches led by the authors of the hit business productivity book – The Hamster Revolution. Live sessions typically cover two learning modules in a half day. The sessions are highly interactive and 98% of all participants rate our training as ‘Excellent'(67%) or ‘Good'(32%). The same percentage would recommend our training to all of their colleagues. We guarantee our results. For more info click here.
We’ve developed a remarkable sustainability program that combines refresher webinars, videos, internal marketing pieces, email templates, e-learning, web access to key concepts and much more. Click here to contact an Info-Excellence Account Executive to learn how you can create measurable and lasting change at your organization.
We have developed a powerful tool that measures concrete cost savings resulting from our training. This Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model can tell you exactly how much Info-Excellence is saving your organization. Our training reduces costs by reducing unnecessary email and meeting volume. As email usage drops IT tape back up and e-discovery costs also decline. Our effective email writing course also helps reduces litigation costs by teaching participants how to write more appropriate email. Our meeting seminars help clients go virtual while going green. More virtual meetings reduces building costs, travel costs, and carbon output. Everybody wins with Info-Excellence. Click here for more info.
Yes. We can provide you with survey and measurement tools that will help you calculate the true cost of too much, low priority email. Email is our number one communication tool yet 50% of all professionals rate the quality of email as ‘poor’ or ‘fair’. 82% of all professionals agree that colleagues often overuse features like Reply to All. We have developed a measurement tool called Info-Excellence TCO(Total Cost of Ownership). This tools measures hard dollar savings associated with our training. We also measure the value of every training session with an Impact Analysis. This tool quantifies the time cost of low value email, meetings, and information storage and allows you to demonstrate the value of Info-Excellence to your entire organization. Many professionals who have introduced Info-Excellence to their organizations have won internal awards, received promotions, and gain recognition through speaking at national symposia about their success. For more information click here.
They get control of email, meetings, stored information, and get more done. Specifically, they learn how to:

  • reduce email overload and declutter their inbox,
  • boost the clarity and effectiveness of the email they write,
  • learn how to better productively manage their Outlook, Lotus, Windows, Blackberry, and virtual meeting technology,
  • run more effective meetings,
  • master virtual meeting presentation skills,
  • organize their information so that they can file, find, and leverage all their data,
  • Share Info-Excellence insights with colleagues and much more.
This is optional. Many of our clients do bring their computers to class and others provide a computer lab. Info-Excellence courses can be experienced with and without computers depending on client preference and the content covered. Many of the insights discovered in our workshops are behavioral vs. purely technical. We have developed engaging, powerful new ways to motivate participants to shed less productive behaviors even when they do not have their computers in class. In some cases, computers can provide a distraction. That is why we carefully manage when and how the computers are accessed. The results speak for themselves. Over 95% of class participants implemented a tech tip from the course within 2 weeks of training. Click here for more info.

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