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Built to Fail! Keynote

How tech design kills creativity, productivity, and performance

1 Hour Workshop or Keynote: Professionals spend their entire day immersed in technology.  It’s a chaotic world of endless email, constant interruptions, wasteful meetings, and lost ideas.  In this TED style talk, performance expert Mike Song demonstrates how bad tech design and terrible time management advice is to blame.

Bad Tech Design: Mike will review how the current factory presets for most technology completely confound our brains.  For example, research shows that our IQs drop when we are interrupted.  Yet, a single email message triggers as many as six different interruption signals.

Mike also shows how PC, tablet, smartphone, and browser environments are missing critical shortcuts, design elements, and clear labels that could send innovation and performance through the roof.

Terrible Time Management Advice: Next, Mike explains why five of the most popular time management strategies fail for 90% of all professionals.  If you struggle to get your inbox to zero or find it impossible to use your digital task list – you won’t want to miss this part of Mike’s talk.

Getting Control: The final third of Mike’s talk centers on solutions.  Mike’s mission is to help every professional reshape their tech environment in order to save 15 days a year and get 15% more done.

Mike will thrill the group by introducing hidden tech features and surprise fixes that instantly transform our work environment into an intuitive, brain friendly place.  He will also share exciting new time management ideas that actually work in the real world.

Rave Reviews!

“Ours is a staff that’s tough to impress, but everyone came away with useful tips and gave Mike’s presentation rave reviews.”
– Rob Howe, News Editor, People Magazine

“Brilliant, Timely, and Deceptively Simple!”
– Paul Ruane, Dir. of Learning and Development, Schering Plough

“Engaging, dynamic, and applicable to all!”
– Joanna Brown National Director of HR, Advantage Sales & Mktg.

“The best we’ve ever had!”
– Tom Patton, Chairman of Informed Medical Communications

“Incredibly practical!”
– Brian Knies, CEO of Tile

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