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Get Control! of Email Keynote

A cluttered inbox is our most time-consuming and frustrating problem. In this highly engaging keynote, Mike Song will dissect everything wrong with email and lay down a new, easy-to-follow pathway to personal productivity. Your team will reduce email overload, write brilliant messages, find email faster, and discover new ways to organize all those messy folders. The result – team performance will soar!

A decade ago, Mike Song wrote the breakthrough productivity best-seller, The Hamster Revolution. Mike’s theory was that email has become the modern professional’s number one productivity pain point. He was right! The book took off selling hundreds of thousands of copies in 12 languages all over the world. Mike found himself presenting on Good Morning America, CNN, NPR Morning Edition, Fox and CNBC.

If you and your team would like to revolutionize your number one task and jump off the email hamster wheel, complete the form on this page today or call us now at 888-340-3598.

Rave Reviews

“Life‐changing stuff!”
– Chris Granger, VP, NBA

“People are saying we’ve set them free!”
– Nic Oatridge, Global IT Director, Novartis

“A huge difference in time management for me!”
– Jo‐Anne Whalen, Dir. of Business Dev., Sotheby’s

“We saved 15 days a year!”
– Matt Koch, Productivity Manager, Capital One

“It works!”
– Ken Blanchard, Author, One Minute Manager

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