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Are you struggling to organize and prioritize your virtual world? The Get Control! of Your Virtual Office class will bring order to OneDrive, Office files, Outlook email, and web links.  Discover a more straightforward and productive way to organize everything in your digital universe.  Virtual office training provides crucial best practices, and powerful tips that boost performance.  This class has documented time savings of ten days a year!  Get more done and have more fun at work!

Virtual Meetings Class, Virtual Skills Training, Virtual Sales Training

Everyone needs virtual office training!  Experts say that lost digital info costs organizations $5,000 per employee! Help! Our jobs demand that we manage thousands of links, email messages, digital files, and tasks with little or no digital organization training.   No wonder it’s so hard to get organized! Experts say that lost digital info costs organizations $5,000 per employee!  In this class, you will:

  • Learn why 93% of all digital organization systems fail
  • Discover how the human brain naturally organizes information for rapid retrieval
  • Build a more straightforward, more useful, more durable digital file system
  • Master powerful shortcuts, called Zip Zones that make all your info easy-to-find
  • Discover a new system called COTA® that will simplify every file-and-find decision

In this class, Mike Song will help your leaders lead via technology.  He will help your leaders establish a calm, confident, winning presence that unites and powers up both team and individual performance.  Topics include virtual team building, useful distance coaching techniques, performance review strategies, and how to manage your tech overload chaos.

Your Presenter: Mike Song has been a virtual leader for over 25 years. He is the best-selling author of The Hamster Revolution, CEO of, and the 15th most followed time management blogger in the world.  Mike has provided over 30 presentations to the Young Presidents Organization.

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