Get Control!
of Virtual Meetings,
Outlook, & Webex*

Get Control! of Virtual Meetings, Outlook, & Teams
(Webex, Zoom, & GTM also available)

Are your virtual meetings dull, low-value events mired by technical glitches? Discover how to run polished, professional, and highly engaging remote meetings. Get control University’s Webinar Training Class by Mike Song. This class is packed with helpful presentation tools, strategies, and tips.

  1. Boost audience engagement by 50%.
  2. Boost virtual meeting results by 30%.
  3. Reduce tech glitches by 20%
  • Improved virtual meetings that achieve goals by engaging your audience
  • New ways to keep virtual meetings on time and on track
  • Simple ways to avoid the top 5 most deadly and common web meeting tech glitches
  • Better ways to gather metrics, feedback, and ideas from every event you hold
If your participants, colleagues, or students are tuning out, then you should attend Get Control! of Virtual Meetings. Get control University’s Webinar Training Class by Mike Song. In this action-packed class you will learn to:

  • Kick off online meetings in style so that everyone is motivated and engaged
  • Build a series of riveting call and response interactions that keep participants focused on your content and off of Facebook, text, the web, and email
  • Develop a powerful communication feedback loop that allows your audience to continually guide your performance to new heights
  • Upgrade your PowerPoint slides and deliver visually dynamic images including colorful graphics, informative web pages, interesting apps, and more
  • Avoid the tech glitches that can derail interest, damage outcomes, and make you look foolish in front of clients and colleagues
  • Conclude your program in powerful way that underscores your key points, allows you to gather valuable data, and converts participant enthusiasm into concrete action
  • Anyone who presents via web meetings or webinars
  • Ideal for leaders, salespeople, and anyone who attends virtual meetings
90-minute live seminar | 60-minute webinar or keynote speech | 30-minute e-Module
Seminar participants receive the Get Control! of Virtual Meetings handout.  Webinar participants can download the workbook online 24-7 from anywhere in the world.

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