About Us

We are unique.  We've developed a powerful new, patented training system called Get Control of Your Digital Day.  First, we assess your people and sort them into four tech-type categories.   Then, we provide a 4.9-star custom learning pathway that boosts digital skills and performance. Our designers have perfected online training that inspires, motivates, and engages your people. We complete the process via a post-training assessment that marks progress and charts a long-term game plan for every participant. In the end, your people boost productivity by 11% while saving 15 days a year.

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We work with 20% of the Global 1000 (Case studies available)

We have received over 50,000 five star reviews

We are data-driven -- we guarantee measurable results

Our Mission: Boost Digital Literacy

There are many digital skills classes.  But most lack a way to engage employees and document results. 

Our mission is to help clients bridge the Digital Skills Gap and achieve unprecedented performance gains. We've developed a powerful, digital skills assessment called the TQAT.  This tool focuses on high-volume tasks like email, virtual meetings, and digital organization. Our training is packed with useful tips for Office 365, Google Search, and devices such as your smartphone and PC.  Best of all, our program is simple:

  1. We create a baseline score for tech proficiency via our TQAT assessment.
  2. We deliver highly effective, customized, training to your people.
  3. We document results via our easy-to-use Tech Quotient Tracker (TQT). 

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