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Digital Skills Tranformation White Papers

 Digital Skills Transformation White PapersWelcome to our web page featuring our digital skills transformation white papers! As more and more businesses undergo digital transformation, the need for upskilling and reskilling employees in digital skills has become increasingly urgent. Unfortunately, as McKinsey has found, the majority of tech skills training initiatives fail, leading to wasted time and resources.

That's where Mike Song, a thought leader and researcher at, comes in. With years of experience in digital skills training and a keen understanding of the challenges facing modern professionals, Mike has uncovered critical new strategies that lead to better and more measurable outcomes for digital skills training projects.

One of the key insights that Mike has uncovered is the importance of designing rollouts that take into account the real world, tech-immersed busy life of modern professionals. This means crafting training programs that are flexible and can be completed on the go, with tools like Microsoft 365, laptops, and mobile devices. By creating training programs that fit into the busy lives of employees, organizations can increase engagement and retention rates, leading to better outcomes.

Mike has also emphasized the importance of measuring the impact of digital skills training initiatives. Without measurable outcomes, it's impossible to determine whether a training program was successful or not. By setting clear goals and tracking progress towards those goals, organizations can ensure that their digital skills training initiatives are having the desired impact.

Overall, Mike Song is a true thought leader in the digital skills transformation space. His research and insights have helped countless organizations to achieve better outcomes from their digital skills training initiatives, and his work will continue to be essential as businesses undergo digital transformation in the years ahead. For more information on Mike Song and his work, visit