Save 4 hours a week...

via the smart, strategic use of technology.

More than a time management course.

We transform digital skills.

8 languages  |  all formats  |  easy to scale

Get Control of Your Digital Day

The three part course that changes everything. 

Upskill managers via 4.8-star rated content used by 20% of the Fortune 500.

Get control of your digital day

The three part course that changes everything. 

Upskill managers via 4.8-star rated content used by 20% of the Fortune 500.

Essential training for the future of work.

Get Control of Your Digital Day

More than a time management course, we deliver digital transformation.

Class 1

De-Clutter, Prioritize, & Manage Your Inbox  |  Etiquette, Shortcuts, Rules, & Search

Class 2

Prioritize & Complete Digital Tasks  |  Work Fast & Smart via New Microsoft 365 Tools

Class 3

Get Organized & Find Email, Files, Links, & Tech Tools in a Flash  |  Master OneDrive

 Digital skills transformation across the enterprise.

The All-Access Pass

Includes Global Launch Event, Mike Song Webinar Series,
Get Control! Video Vault, and the TQAT digital skills assessment

Crucial training for managers.

Mike Song

The Digital Day Webinar Series
hosted by Mike Song

Incredible tech tips and strategies
delivered by one of the world's best virtual presenters.

Gamification, certificates, and single-signup drives attendance.

Mike Song Media Appearances Black Squares
Mike Song Hamster Revolution Book

Fortune 500 Case Studies?  We have six.

2 Digital time mgt

The Digital Day Video Vault

Self-paced learning in a gamified environment
16 topics | 80 micro-videos | Focused on your digital day

Gamification, certificates, real-time reporting.

Excel Class

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Erin Doyle Get Control

The Tech Quotient
Digital Skills Assessment

Our proven assessment improves results by sorting colleagues into four distinct tech types.  Participants receive targeted training to maximize digital skills improvement.

Erin Doyle  |  CLO

TQAT TQ Profile Tool

Smart, fun, and incredibly useful.

Tech training that
hits different.

Raves. Guaranteed.

Every manager needs this!

Tony Robbins

A powerful new digital transformation strategy.

Lamonte Thomas, VP of Sales, Cigna

Our people are saying, we set them free!

Nic Oatridge, IT Security, Novartis. 

We learned new ways to use our own technology! 

Chuck Metzger, Office 365 Exec., Microsoft

Zip! Tips helped our busy salespeople soar!

Brenda Davis, Worldwide Training, United Airlines

Chock full of ideas! Our sales managers loved it.

Cindy Domanowski, VP Sales Training, ADP

It changed the way we think & work!

Matt Koch, Dir. of KM, Capital One

They help leaders lead. 

Ken Blanchard, Author, The One Minute Manager

Fortune 50 Client Testimonial

Essential leadership training

Mind. Blown.

50,000 5-star ratings.

Endless "Wow!" moments.

Boost digital skills by 30%. 

Get organized. Get More Done. 

They love it, but the CEO wants metrics...we have your back.

TQAT: A digital skills assessment, that's unique.

TQAT TQ Profile Tool

The TQ journey
"The TQAT Assessment added tremendous value to the Digital Day course. Now I have a strategy for building digital skills that will last a lifetime."

Based on the bestselling book, The Hamster Revolution, the Tech Quotient Assessment Tool sorts your people into four tech types. The program resembles Disc but for tech proficiency. Each tech type receives targeted training while also playing a critical role in the expansion of best practices across the organization.  

It works. 91% of all participants rate the TQ Journey Experience as a great use of time. Clients rave about achieving an overall 11% increase in productivity from the program. Complete the form to request a free TQ Assessment, Training Brochure, or info on our Sales Partner and T3 programs. 

Our Managers are saying we've set them free!

Nic Oatridge, Head of IT Security, Novartis