The Get Control Training Team

Get Control Training Team: Leading Digital Transformation Experts

The Get Control Training Team is the driving force behind the success stories of Novartis, Capital One, and 20% of the Fortune 500. Our team of experts has revolutionized the way organizations approach digital transformation, and we are committed to helping businesses of all sizes and industries maximize productivity, performance, and profits.

Led by industry veteran Mike Song, the Get Control Training Team has conducted 100,000 surveys and worked with top organizations around the world to develop an enterprisewide digital transformation strategy. Our customized solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each client, and we pride ourselves on bridging the gap between HR and IT to engage and inspire the workforce.

At Get Control, we understand that the key to successful digital transformation lies in changing digital behaviors at the universal level of Microsoft 365, smartphones, browsers, and other tools that are used by everyone in the organization. Our team is passionate about helping organizations transform their digital skills, and we have the expertise to take your organization to the next level.

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Mike Song


Chief Executive Officer

Founder, Bestselling Author & Training Designer

Digital Transformation Thought Leader

Mike is a digital transformation thought leader and the 6th most followed time management blogger in the world. He has co-written four best-selling Hamster Revolution books and reached millions via appearances on CNN, FOX, ABC, and NPR.  Click here to schedule a meeting. 

Fun Facts: Mike is an All-American distance runner and an award-winning musician who has opened for Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, and The Ramones. His mission is to raise money for causes that KEEP KIDS SAFE.

Erin Doyle

22 11 Erin Doyle CRO Headshot Get Control (5)

Chief Learning Officer

Erin brings a wealth of L&D experience to Get Control.  She has worked as a learning executive at Walgreens, NovoZymes OneHealth, First Midwest Bank, and Horizon Pharma.  Click the W icon below to schedule a meeting. 

Fun Facts: Erin enjoys soccer and playing the guitar.

Liza Rivera

Liza Rivera

Director of Training

Liza has produced over 1,500 training programs for Get Control.  As our training implementation team leader, Liza makes sure that every live and virtual session runs smoothly and delivers stellar results. 

Fun Facts: Liza loves classic rock and treasures the guitar pick handed to her by Joan Jett at a concert.  Each year, Liza and her family make a massive difference by sponsoring an inner-city, college-bound student.

Cynthia Farquhar

Cynthia Farquar

Master Facilitator

Cynthia is a superstar trainer whose quick wit and photographic memory make her a sought-after, client favorite. Cynthia is our highest-rated facilitator.  She has led energetic live and virtual classes at Harvard, Nestle, and Merck to name a few.

Fun Facts: Cynthia has been a certified SCUBA diver since the age of 15!  She has explored Australia's Great Barrier Reef, plummeted to the depths of Hawaii's underwater lava flows, and danced with the Sting Rays in the Caribbean.

Tim Burress

Tim Burress

Author, Presenter, & Trainer

Tim has been with Get Control! for over 20 years.  He is the bestselling co-author of The Hamster Revolution for Email and Meetings books.  Tim's dynamic presentation style instantly endears him to our clients.  He is always happy to autograph books at his sessions. 

Fun Facts: Tim is world-class athlete who has completed the challenging Ironman trialthlon three times. He has won the Ragnar Ultra 200 mile event four times. Tim enjoys travel, technology, and a great glass of wine. 

Kristin Miller Song

Kristin Song Get Control

VP of Legal & Admin.

Attorney Kristin Song heads up our Admin. and Legal Team.  In addition to strategic consulting, Kristin monitors finance and helps set up Get Control as a vendor on client systems.  

Fun Facts: Kristin has rescued over 200 puppies in the past decade.  In 2020, she founded the SongStrong Equine Rescue and Therapy farm.  Kristin has received numerous awards for her charitable work.  She is a lobbyist for causes that keep kids safe. 

Bill Kirwin

Bill Kirwin

Senior Advisor

Member, Board of Directors

Bill is a former Gartner executive with vast experience in digital skills transformation.

Fun Fact: Bill is the pioneer of the TCO - Total Cost of Ownership methodology which he developed while at Gartner.  This concept has become a critical part of IT buying decision-making for thousands of organizations around the world. 

Jeff Burress

Jeff Burress Training

Senior Advisor

Member, Board of Directors

Jeff is a longtime advisor and valued member of the Get Control! Board of Directors.  

Fun Facts: Jeff is a huge Bruce Springsteen and NY Giants fan who enjoys fishing for Striped Bass in Long Island Sound.