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Hamster Revolution Book Series

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The Hamster Revolution(HR) book series helps individuals and organizations transform their digital skills.  The books are fun, fast to read, and packed with extremely useful tips.  The HR books have sold over 250,000 copies in eight languages around the world. 

Each book begins with a professional who has fallen so far behind at work that they feel like a hamster running in place on a spinning wheel.  Just in time, a helpful Techspert (tech expert) arrives to save the day. The Techspert provides practical, tech-driven solutions that help the reader boost productivity, performance, and peace of mind.  

If you're feeling overloaded, overwhelmed, and overworked, buy a copy of The Hamster Revolution and watch your productivity soar!  Complete the form for more information on individual, team, and enterprisewide solutions based on the Hamster book series. 

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Hamster Revolution Book Series
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Mike Song | CEO

Mike Song Bio

Mike Song is the award-winning author of the bestselling  Hamster Revolution Book Series. His most recent book, The Hamster Revolution for TQ (Tech Quotient), introduces a groundbreaking new approach to digital transformation. The book describes solutions to the most significant challenges to improving digital skills.

Mike and his team created the revolutionary Tech Quotient Assessment Tool℠, which sorts professionals into four distinct tech-type profiles and helps them get more done. The TQAT is like a DISC or MBTI Assessment but for tech proficiency.

Mike has presented to over 20% of the Global 1000, including the Army, Air Force, and Marines.

Mike provides over 150 top-rated tech-driven webinars to corporate clients each year. He is one of the best virtual presenters in the world. Mike and his team created the revolutionary Tech Quotient Assessment Tool℠, which sorts professionals into four distinct tech-type profiles and helps them get more done.

Fun Facts: Mike has appeared on CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, and NPR. He’s an All-American distance runner and a gifted musician who has warmed up for Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, Joe Walsh, and The Ramones.   In addition to penning the Hamster Revolution Book series, Mike designs most of Get Control’s training. He holds a patent for the COTA organization system, which helps organizations worldwide organize digital information. Mike draws upon his vast experience from thousands of programs and a keen interest in quality improvement systems, including KaizenLean, and Six Sigma.

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