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How Do You Measure Digital Skills?

The TQ Journey: The Best Digital Transformation Class Ever!

best digital transformation classLooking for the best digital skills transformation class ever? Are your people tired of feeling like a hamster on a wheel, running in place instead of getting things done? Is your organization pushing everyone to make better use of technology -- but getting nowhere?

In today's tech-driven work environment, everyone struggles to prioritize tasks, manage time, and process email while drowning in a sea of Outlook emails, chat messages, and mobile texts.

But fear not; there's a solution!  Introducing the best digital transformation class - ever!  This fast, fun, and effective three-module course called "Get Control of Your Digital Day"  begins with our revolutionary TQ Assessment. Participants discover their Tech Type and receive a targeted learning pathway designed to help them optimize their use of technology.

Never before has an assessment identified digital skills personas in this way.  And that is odd because clearly - different Tech Types exist.  Right? A person who is an Excel expert -- who learns everything they can about it -- is very different from the self-described tech novice who avoids new features at all costs.

The experience includes a wealth of targeted, on-demand training including 15 elective modules focused on essential apps like OneNote, OneDrive, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Finally, your people will have a clear and logical way to transform their digital skill set.

Don't let the digital world control your people - take control with "Get Control of Your Digital Day".