Get Control Training

The TQ Journey: The Best Digital Transformation Class Ever!

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Looking for the best digital transformation class ever? Are you tired of feeling like a hamster on a wheel, running in place instead of getting things done? In today's tech-driven work environment, managers struggle to prioritize tasks, manage time, and coach people while drowning in a sea of Outlook emails, chat messages, and mobile texts. And don't even get started on the unproductive, poorly run meetings.  Contact us for more info!

But fear not, there's a solution!  Introducing, the best digital transformation class - ever!  This transformative, three-module course "Get Control of Your Digital Day" aka The TQ Journey which delivers a strategic approach to achieving excellence in the virtual world of work. With talented facilitators sharing practical tech tips and long-term strategies, participants will boost their Tech Quotient (TQ) and gain control over their digital environment.

What sets this course apart from the rest is its systems approach, which views the virtual work environment as a digital factory containing raw materials, equipment, and a final product. Participants will discover a digital toolkit packed with practical tips and strategies that will excite and energize them, leading to visible and measurable gains.

And let's not forget about the Tech Quotient Assessment Tool (TQAT), which sorts participants into four distinct tech types and provides a baseline score for improvement. With 15 elective modules focused on essential apps like OneNote, OneDrive, Excel, and PowerPoint, participants will have everything they need to elevate productivity, performance, and the quality of their work.

Don't let the digital world control you - take control with "Get Control of Your Digital Day" a-- an amazing digital transformation class nd start achieving excellence in the virtual world of work today!