Get Control! of TQ (Tech Quotient)

“The most critical career skill!”

Most professionals know about IQ and EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Now it’s time to focus on boosting TQ (Technology Quotient) across the enterprise. TQ is the ability to learn, leverage, inspire, and lead via everyday technology. Colleagues with high TQ become top performers who also help their teams to excel. Join best-selling author, Mike Song, as he introduces a revolutionary new set of workplace tools. This ground-breaking toolkit consists of:

  • TQAT™ (TQ Assessment Tool): Measures tech facility and coaching talent for individuals, teams, and entire organizations
  • TQP™ (TQ profile): An individual or team tech quotient identity based on the teams overall ability to leverage and share technology insights
  • GCU (Get Control!® University): An award-winning suite of high priority, compact classes designed to boost TQ and productivity while saving each participant 15 days a year

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  1. Boost TQ by 25%
  2. Save 15 days a year
  3. Increase productivity by 15%
  • Significant increase in sales, profits, and efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee engagement
  • More effective communication
  • More cohesive workforce
  • Measurable performance gains
  • Time savings of 15 days a year per participant
  • Complete turnkey TQ solution
  • Comprehensive digital diagnostic tool (TQAT)
    • Individualized results and recommendations
  • Powerful library of targeted TQ Get Control! training used by over 20% of the Global 1000

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