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Power Drafts (From Outlook Mail – Drafts Folder)

When you need fast access to frequently used verbiage or templates the easiest way to do it is to create a Power Draft.  The steps are simple:

1. Create a new email and hit Save.  This stores the email into Outlook Drafts

2.  When you need to use the email again simply highlight it in the Drafts folder and make a copy using these handy shortcuts: Control C (Copy) and Control V (Paste)

3.  Use this process for any repetitive message or meeting!

Managing Interruptions (From Outlook Mail)

Interruptions destroy your focus and that ruins your ability to perform.  Try these 3 tips for reducing email interrupts so you can get more done.

  1. Reduce Email Arrival Distractions: Select – Tools/Options/E-mail Options/Advanced E-mail Options/Uncheck all boxes under When new items arrive in my Inbox
  2. Reduce Number of Email Notifications Per Day: From Outlook Select – Tools/Options/Mail Set Up/Send and Receive/Change setting to 30 or 45 minutes to reduce interruptions.
  3. Filter Low Value Email to Folders: – Highlight low priority email/Right click/Select Create Rule/Check sender’s name/Check Move e-mail to folder/Select Folder/Select or create destination folder – examples may include Associations, Newsletters, General Low Priority Email, Monthly Receipts/Click OK

Create Cc: Folder  From Outlook:

If you get copied on way too many low priority messages you can auto-route these emails to a folder you check once or twice a day.   This reduces interruptions and helps you focus in items assigned directly to you!

1.  Create an email folder called Cc: folder

2.  Go to Tools/Rules and Alerts/New Rule/Start from Blank Rule/Next/Check Where my name is in the Cc: box/Next/Check Move it to the specified folder/

3.  Go to Step 2 Box that appears below and click on the word specified/

4.  Select the Cc: emails folder and click OK/Click Next twice/ Finish /Apply/OK

Color Coding Senders:

Use colors to highlight Your VIP senders — the ones who are the most important to your career and performance with this simple rule:

From Outlook Inbox – Highlight an email from sender you want to color code/Select Tools /Organize/Using Colors/Select Color/Apply Color

Mailbox Cleanup Tool:

If you are stuck in Email Jail because you have too much email in your Inbox, Sent, and Deleted Folders — it’s time to fight back fast!

From Outlook select Tools/Mailbox Clean Up/Check Find items larger than 250 KBs/Find/Click on Size to sort largest to smallest messages

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