Great Outlook Tip: Find Lost Email Addresses

Email Efficiency and Etiquette Tips and Tricks from Mike Song – Co-author of The Hamster Revolution

The Hamster Revolution: Outlook Email Tips & TricksYou’re in a rush and you have to  send a quick email to a key client before your next meeting.  You pop open an email and start typing their name into the  To: line where Outlook should auto-fill their address.

But it doesn’t!  You’ve been hit by a bad case of Outlook Amnesia!  “Argh!” you moan as you look at the clock. To find the name fast just do this

  1. Type the person’s last name into the To: line
  2. Click Control + K at the same

Bam! Outlook will show you all of the people with that last name.  Click here if you’d like 5 more Outlook productivity tips or information on our award winning Get Control! of Outlook class.