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How to Take Great Meeting Notes

 How to Take Great Meeting Notes
A OneNote Zip Tip by Mike Song

Mike Song | CEO | Get Control Training

          Mike Song

Hi and welcome to the Get Control Webinar site!  I’m Mike Song and you are going to love today’s OneNote Zip Tip. This tip is for anyone who attends meetings and wants to learn how to take great meeting notes. OneNote has an amazing template tool that allows you to take structured and effective meeting notes. The BIG MEETING OUTCOME allows you to summarize the meeting. Next, the Action Items are at the top making them really easy to find and follow up on. The general meeting notes are bullet-pointed below so that they are easy to read. This will help you take 40% more effective notes each time!

Create your meeting notes template:

  1. Open OneNote and type the BAM template
  2. Click on Insert.
  3. Click on Page Templates > Page templates (again)
  4. Click on Save current page as a template and name it
  5. Click on your BAM template.

Access your OneNote template:

  1. Click Insert
  2. Click Page Templates
  3. Select your BAM template

Taking exceptional meeting notes is an invaluable skill for administrative professionals, salespeople, and managers alike. Admin professionals rely on accurate records to keep operations running smoothly, while salespeople use them to close deals and meet client needs. Managers need comprehensive notes to make informed decisions and delegate tasks effectively. In an age where information is currency, these professionals must excel at capturing key insights, action items, and outcomes during meetings. OneNote’s template tool can be a game-changer, enhancing their ability to streamline processes, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional results. Mastering the art of note-taking is a non-negotiable for success in these roles.

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