How to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

Advice from Tech Guru, Researcher, and Speaker: Mike Song

Mike Song Time Management Leader, Speaker & Expert

Mike Song: Tech Guru and Keynote Speaker

1. Turn Your Brightness Down

Sweep up and dim your screen for longer battery life!

2. Switch off BlueTooth and Wifi

These features constantly go out looking to connect to external signals.  That chews up battery so switch them off or switch on your Airplane mode.

3. Don’t Search for as Many Things With Spotlight

Smart users know to sweep up between any two column of apps to see their Spotlight search.  But Spotlight constantly indexes everything on your phone and that can cost you valuable battery.  So go to Settings >  General then Spotlight search and deselect things like music, your kindle, etc. if that is not what you normally search for.

4. Kill your GPS and Airdrop

Google Maps and Apple Maps are amazing but they are constantly searching to locate where you are and that chews up energy.  Also, the Airdrop function allows you to share with others — but only have it on when you are sharing.

5. Turn Off Frequent Locations

Your iPhone is constantly providing info to a number of apps via the Frequent Locations feature.  In addition to sometime being a little creepy…turn of this stalker so that you save your battery life.  

6.  Turn off Notifications

If you’re iPhone is constantly buzzing, dinging and ringing then its going to be sapped off energy real fast.  Why not create some peace of mind and disable as many notifications as possible. Go to Settings > Notification Center > and then click on the apps that interrupt you the most.  You’ll have more battery and less interruptions.