The Amazing AutoCorrect Robot!

Let an Outlook Robot print your long, hard to type phrases!

The Amazing AutoCorrect Robot is a zip tip from the Get Control! of Email and Outlook class.  This class saves participants 15 days a year.  We provide practical time-saving tips, hacks, and strategies instead of fluffy time management advice.  If the video below makes you say, “Wow! That could save me time — then contact us at for more info on team training.

Many professionals struggle with e-communications.  It takes a great deal of time to write effective email and manage a jammed Outlook inbox.  Email overload is a big problem and it isn’t going away!

Get Control! training is focused on rapid results. This quick-hit video guides users to an exciting new way to write out long, difficult phrases in a flash. We all have long phrases to write.  For example, my book, Zip! Tips: The Fastest Way to Get More Done — now thats’ a long phrase!   Thankfully, I created an auto-correct that I trigger by typing zt and hitting the spacebar.  This can be programmed in Outlook, Gmail, iPhones, and Droids!

The result is less typing, stress, and frustration — and more achieving!   Call or email for more info on Get Control! training.  Our mission is to save every member of your organization 15 days a year!

Our training is available in all formats including live, keynote, webinar, and e-learning.  Email me today for more info or complete the contact form on this page for more info!   We offer annual subscriptions to all our content.  Just contact us for more info on an enterprise or team license at Effective business communication will help every member of your team become more productive!

What is Office 365?

The Amazing AutoCorrect Robot could save us all a ton of time!