Presentation Skills Tips: Calm Your Nerves and Engage Every Audience

This video will help you relax and build rapport with any group!

Presentation Skills Tips Video: Our new Get Control! of Presentation Skills class has amazing tips for anyone seeking to become a more engaging, more confident presenter.  I share secrets that I learned from my experience as a lead singer in a band that warmed up for Bon Jovi, The Ramones, and Joe Walsh.  It is normal to feel nervous when presenting and its really hard to engage an audience.   These insights will change your presentation strategy forever.  If this video makes you say, “Wow! That makes it easy to confidently engage an audience — then contact us at for more info on how we can train your entire organization.

Presentation Skills Tips can help you become a truly great presenter. Have you ever felt nervous presenting?  Well, relax, because I have some very good news.  I found a break-through strategy that will help every person become a much better presenter.  I call it – Call and Response and it is a big part of our Get Control! of Presentation Skills class.  People will tell you that your presentation fear is irrational.  This is a mistake.  Your fear is totally rational.  So let’s begin by explaining why you feel nervous.

Your feelings of nervousness emanate from the fact that presenting is an odd communication format.  You talk and the audience stares blankly back at you.  I believe we are so used to back and forth conversations, that the blank stares you get trigger a panic signal to your brain.  It’s like your mind is saying, things must be going wrong if no one is reacting to me!  Yikes!

If you agree with this unusual diagnosis — then the solution becomes clear — we need to make every presentation, more like a conversation.   If we think of the audience as a single entity – that gets easier.  The problem is that 95% of all presenters — do not know how to make conversation with an audience!


So watch the video above and you’ll learn 10 ways to engage an audience.  Then contact us for more info on our ground-breaking time management, email, meeting, and presentation skills training.

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Presentation Skills Tips Video

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