The Hamster Revolution for TQ

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The Hamster Revolution for TQ is a Digital Transformation Must-Read

Is technology getting the best of you?  Do you need to organize your digital office and boost virtual meeting skills to succeed at work? Meet Claire, a frazzled HR exec so overwhelmed by technology that she feels like a hamster on a wheel. What’s worse, the CEO has asked her to help the rest of the organization improve their digital skills. Yikes!

Just in time, Claire meets a coach with a simple system – called TQ – for boosting tech proficiency. He also shares incredible Office 365, Google, and smartphone tips that help everyone get more done.  Claire gets immediate results and helps her organization get back on track.

Mike Song is an award‐winning tech blogger and bestselling author of the Hamster Revolution book series. He is one of the best virtual presenters in the world.  Mike has helped millions via Book The Hamster Revolution for TQ as well as dynamic interviews with CNN, NPR, and FOX while providing TQ training to over 20% of the Global 1000. 

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