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Get Control! University: Boosting TQ for the Entire Organization

Get Control! University is an affordable subscription plan that consists of unlimited access to all of our ground-breaking time management classes in these exciting formats: E-Learning, Live Webinar, On-Demand Webinar, and Quick Hit Video.

For one low annual subscription fee, we provide 15 E-Learning Modules, 40 Live Webinar Events, 14 On-Demand Webinars, and 60 Quick Hit Videos. Unlike slow-moving, traditional time management classes, Get Control! University offers compact, exciting learning experiences that lead to real and lasting behavior change.

Our unique design approach is to focus on the tasks and technology that consume the biggest part of the day for busy professionals. As a result, many clients tell us that GCU offerings are both the highest rated and most attended classes that they offer.

Best of all, we provide free M3 Support (Market, Monitor, Measure ROI) with each GCU Annual Plan. We help you promote the program via custom training events, marketing templates, email invites, flyers, and more. We also provide monthly usage reports and a convenient tool for measuring ROI, time savings, and participant satisfaction.

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E-Learning, Webinar, and Live Formats Available

Cut email time by 20%. Reduce inbox clutter, prioritize tasks, and write clear, concise, and actionable messages.

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Cut meeting time by 30%. Run on time, on track, and results-driven live and virtual meetings.

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Discover an easy, new system for organizing everything! This class helps you file, find, and organize your email, documents, folders, and links like a pro!

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Discover powerful strategies that help leaders maximize team performance and unity in a tech driven, increasingly virtual world.

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A fun, fast, and extremely practical class in which participants discover creative new ways to focus on top goals, avoid wasting time, and get more done.

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An interactive class in which participants discover amazing PowerPoint® tech tips and creative new ways to deliver highly effective public presentations.

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Packed with the most useful and surprising tips. Learn email, calendar, task, and shortcut tricks that save tons of time.

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Discover exciting new performance-enhancing shortcuts, features, setting changes, apps, and navigation tips.

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Countdown the top 20 greatest tech tips of all time. Discover how to train your technology robots to help everyone get more done.

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Designed for anyone who wants to improve his or her virtual meeting skills. Discover the secret to glitch-free, engaging, and productive remote meetings and webinars

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Explore Microsoft’s most useful, yet unknown tool for organizing project and meeting information.

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This short and powerful new course delivers a different approach to organizing information on SharePoint. It develops stunning new SharePoint skills that help everyone get organized.

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Most professionals either over-use or under-use their Instant Messaging tool. This class makes it easy to rapidly learn the best, most useful features of Lync.

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Struggling with lost or hard-to-find information? Explore amazing Google, Bing, Windows, Outlook, and Gmail search techniques that help you find things twice as fast.

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Are you frustrated with Windows? This class makes it easy to rapidly learn Windows in order to maximize performance and minimize stress.

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The Get Control! University Story

Ten years ago Mike Song was working at a Fortune 500 company and feeling overwhelmed by the volume and quality of email and meetings. He also was struggling to organize all his digital information so that he could find things fast and get more done. He felt like he was running in place – like a hamster on a wheel.

The corporate university where Mike worked offered lots of long, deep-dive courses – for example, an all daytime management seminar. Mike tried these courses and found many of the tips – like getting his inbox to zero – did not work for him.

Mike decided to develop Get Control! University to help him conquer his most challenging productivity pain points. By asking a simple question – What technology and tasks take up most of my time? — he arrived at a powerful set of targeted best practices that had an immediate and huge impact on his performance.

Mike sorted the concepts into short, high-impact classes focused on the most time-consuming tasks (email, meetings, etc.) and technology (Microsoft, Apple, Google). Get Control! University was born. Within weeks, Mike received an order to train 10,000 people at Capital One and the rest is history.

Mike has since become a sought-after expert, interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, CNN, NPR, Good Morning America, USA Today, and Fox News. In addition to Zip! Tips: The Fastest Way to Get More Done, he’s the lead author of the best-selling email effectiveness book, The Hamster Revolution, which has sold over 150,000 copies in 12 languages.

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