Mike Song: Digital Transformation Speaker

Mike Song: Bestselling Author, Digital Transformation Thought Leader, and Dynamic Keynote Speaker

Mike Song stands out as a pioneering thought leader in digital transformation and a powerhouse in time management blogging, ranked as the world's 6th most-followed expert in the field. His influential presence in the digital efficiency arena is bolstered by his role as the CEO of Get Control Training and as the author of the bestselling "Hamster Revolution" book series.

With over two decades of experience, Mike has captivated audiences worldwide, combining high energy and engaging keynote speeches with practical, on-demand training. His approach revolutionizes how organizations embrace technology, making learning not only relevant but also enjoyable.

Mike's insights have reached millions through top media appearances on CNN, FOX, NPR, CNBC, and in the Wall Street Journal. His engaging videos are a testament to his impact, garnering over five million views. Mike's expertise isn't confined to the corporate world; he's also an accomplished athlete and musician. As an All-American distance runner and an award-winning singer-songwriter, Mike has shared stages with icons like Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, and The Ramones.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mike is a devoted family man, an avid kayak fisherman, and a philanthropist dedicated to causes that keep kids safe. His multifaceted life experiences and commitment to making a difference both in and out of the boardroom make him an inspiring digital transformation speaker.

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