The Zippy Secret to Losing Weight

Mike Song Lost 20 Pounds!

Mike Song Lost
20 Pounds!

Every year, millions of people attempt to lose weight but they forget the single most important ingredient of any diet or work out plan.  This remarkable, free, safe, and easy-to-find ingredient makes losing weight SO much easier.

As an efficiency expert, I made this miracle cure the centerpiece of my campaign to drop 10-20 pounds.   Unlike most people, I am always looking for a shortcut….a legal shortcut…to get more done in less time.  This is the essence of all of the classes and e-learning that I have designed.  For example, my Get Control! of Email class effortlessly saves participants 15 days a year.  My new hit book, Zip! Tips shows the fastest ways to get more done.

So here is that elusive, magical ingredient — drum roll please — hold on to your hats — buckle your chinstraps —  it’s simplicity.  That’s right.  Most workout and weight loss plans fail because they are tricky, complex, or confusing.  In fact, I’d say that most plans in general fail because we humans tend to toss everything and the kitchen sink into them…sometimes the simplicity of Just Do It – makes more sense.

Zip! Tips Amazon 4.5 Star Rating

Zip! Tips is an
Amazon Best-Seller

So here is my diet plan.  Stop eating sugar and fried foods.  I also decided to run just 10 miles per week — but when I ran…I ran faster…with much more intensity.  That’s it.   It worked like a charm.

The problem with my pathetically simple plan is that I can’t write a book or teach a class on it – its too basic.  The advantage is that it’s so easy to remember and implement.   I sometimes call it the Halloween diet because I start by not pigging out on Halloween candy and keep it going through New Year’s Eve.  The idea is — you miss all the heavy, fattening holiday fun food – but you lose weight!

If you’ve struggled to achieve anything, my advice is the opposite from most.  I think you should ask yourself — what would be the simplest and easiest program I could create?  Then just do it!