I converted to working out in the morning – – running a few miles. It made a huge difference in my time management, efficiency and job performance.

  1. Starting the day with a sense of accomplishment is absolutely the best way to start any day of your life.
  2.  Your metabolism ticks up to a higher level earlier and it definitely feels like you burn more calories throughout the day.
  3. Your energy level is definitely higher.
  4. Your stress level is lower.
  5. You save time and launder less cloths because you don’t have to double dress and shower. Get Control Time Management & Email Efficiency Company
  6.  And this is just subjective – – but I think everybody looks better after they’ve had a great workout.
  7. Zen.  You definitely get a sense of peace and calm while you’re at work – – it really calms down my tendency to try to multitask.

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