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Unclog Your Inbox: Eliminate Outlook Calendar Responses

If you get tons of  Meeting Declines and/or Accept Messages — It’s time to eliminate Outlook calendar responses in order to save time. 

Many professionals do not need to inspect each and every response to an Outlook Calendar invite. After all, you can click on the meeting invite, select Tracking and see who accepted or declined. If you want to get rid of the clutter and interruptions — the rule in this video will be a big help. You can create an Outlook rule to autoroute those responses to an email folder that you can check if needed.

Filtering interruptions and clutter is a fundamental pillar of TQ (Tech Quotient). That’s why you need to eliminate Outlook calendar responses. Click here for info about our Get Control! of Email class. We also explore Outlook Rules in our Get Control! of Outlook class.

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