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Are your virtual presentations dull, low-value events mired by technical glitches? Virtual presentation training is more important than ever. Learn how to run polished, professional, and highly engaging WebEx, Zoom, or Teams sessions. The class includes call and response, PowerPoint, and mobile presentation tips. You will develop rapport and engagement even though participants are thousands of miles away.  This work-from-home virtual training session will boost presentation results and interaction by 30%.

Virtual Meetings Class, Virtual Skills Training, Virtual Sales Training

If your participants, colleagues, or students are tuning out, then you should attend Get Control! of Virtual Presentations. In this action-packed virtual presentation training class you will learn to:

  • Kick-off online meetings in style so that everyone is motivated and engaged
  • Build a series of riveting call and response interactions that keep participants focused on your content and off Facebook, text, the web, and email
  • Boost your impact via useful webcam, chat, and virtual presentation strategies
  • Avoid tech glitches that derail interest and damage the effect of virtual presentations
  • Use incredible new Zoom, Webex, or Teams features like a pro

In this class, Mike Song will help you establish a calm, confident, winning rapport with any virtual audience. Mike has been interviewed by CNN, NPR, FOX, and The Wall Street Journal. He will show you how to automate, simplify, and organize your virtual presentation tools. The class covers mobile presentations, Office 365 tips, and ideas about measuring the impact of your digital presence.  Complete the form for more info on this virtual presentation training session.

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