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Do your people need Virtual Presentation Training?  Are they struggling to engage, connect and build relationships via remote meetings?  As we navigate a global pandemic together, remote work will become more and more common.  The problem is that most professionals still need to upgrade their virtual meeting skills.

The Get Control! of Virtual Presentation Training is packed with useful, time-saving insights that will help your people hold highly engaging and productive virtual meetings.  We’ll help your people master web meeting features, Powerpoint, and other digital presentation tools.  Instead of losing interest, they’ll begin to connect and build relationships with remote customers.

Many professionals have a poor virtual presence because they’ve given little attention to lighting, audio, and agenda planning.  We’ll show them how to run polished, professional, and highly effective WebEx, Zoom, or Teams sessions.  We will introduce useful PowerPoint and Outlook Calendar tips.  Finally,  we’ll show them how to use call and response chat techniques to rivet every audience.

Participants report a 30% improvement in digital presentation skills after training. Contact us today – Virtual Presentation Training is more important than ever! Our webinars are dynamic, interactive, fun, and useful.  Our training is supported by our Quick-Hit Video library which is available in seven languages.

Virtual Meeting Skills Training

Virtual Presentation Training Matters More Than Ever


Virtual Sales Training | Virtual Leadership Training

After Covid, virtual presentation training is more critical than ever. According to McKinsey, 70% of all digital transformation initiatives fail! Powered by over 100,000 workforce surveys, Get Control! University has developed a robust suite of virtual presentation training programs.  We also have introduced a new way to measure and improve results via an exciting new diagnostic tool called the Tech Quotient Assessment Tool (TQAT).  The TQAT sorts your people into four distinct tech types and provides targeted training.


Get ready for a powerful new, learning experience, perfectly suited to the more virtual post-Covid world of work.  Our webinars, videos, and e-modules fall into three major areas.

1 Virtual Sales and Presentation Training

Leaders who excel in live meetings often struggle to deliver winning virtual meetings and presentations. Suddenly, all non-verbal cues are gone, and the manager is staring into a cold, lifeless webcam lens. The other meeting participants often stare back at a nervous, dimly lit, poorly framed person beset by tech glitches and awkward moments.

In this class, leaders will develop a calm, positive, winning virtual presence. A key focus is boosting virtual likability so that customers will each new sales presentation.  Your managers will discover practical new ways to plan, engage clients, present with impact, and master their digital domain.

2 Tech-Driven Time Management Training

It’s hard to prioritize and get things done in a world overflowing with email, tasks, and interruptions. Classes like Get Control! of Email, Outlook, and Teams help participants save time and get more done. Leaders will:

  • Master advanced, time-saving features within Outlook, Teams, Planner, Google, PCs, and SmartPhones
  • Discover new digital tools that help them organize, prioritize, and complete tasks
  • Reduce interruptions, low-value email, and save time via rules, smart shortcuts, and setting changes
  • Dive into a whole new world of mobile and smartphone strategies that dramatically boost productivity
  • Craft clear, concise, and actionable email and chat messages

3  Organize Your Digital Office Training (365)

Incredibly, 93% of all salespeople struggle to manage and organize their countless digital files, links, and email messages.  Most receive little training on file management best practices.  Most sales managers fail to master Office 365’s numerous apps, formats, and features. Get Control! training will help your people:

  • Master Office 365’s desktop, browser, and mobile versions
  • Organize, prioritize, and shortcut to all web links, email, and digital files.
  • Boost performance via advanced search and browser bookmark optimization
  • Discover new 365 apps like Forms, Teams, Planner, and Sway.

Your people spend over 70% of their day immersed in technology – struggling to focus in a world overloaded with non-stop email,  meetings, constant interruptions, and surprise tasks.  Virtual presentation training has become a critical success factor for teams and organizations.  Isn’t it time you helped them get control?  Complete the form to receive a free brochure!

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