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Do your people need virtual sales training?  The tips and strategies in our Get Control! of Virtual Sales webinar will help your people boost sales while reducing their administrative burden. They will discover how to connect with clients, accelerate the sales process, and organize their digital world.

Virtual Meetings Class, Virtual Skills Training, Virtual Sales Training

If your team is struggling to connect with clients, chances are they need high-impact virtual sales training.  Work-from-home selling can be tough! Salespeople who excel in live calls often fail to deliver winning virtual presentations to clients.  Suddenly, all non-verbal cues are gone, and the rep is staring into a cold, lifeless camera lens. Digital follow up, communication, and organization becomes even more crucial when selling online.

Class Benefits:

  • Remain motivated while defeating procrastination and disorganization.
  • Engage clients via compelling, interactive virtual presentations
  • Simplify the task of meeting itself via useful Outlook and web meeting tips, tools, and strategies.
  • Accelerate the sales process via smart digital tools and strategies.

In this class, Mike Song will help your people establish a calm, confident, winning presence with clients. Mike will upgrade your peoples’ digital sales toolkit. They will discover practical ways to engage clients, present with impact, and close deals without ever leaving their homes. Best of all, Mike will show them how to automate, simplify, and organize their virtual world via useful Outlook, smartphone, and Office 365 tips and tricks.

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