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The TQAT (Tech Quotient Assessment Tool) is a five minute. web based tool that measures and improves digital proficiency. Participants are sorted into four distinct tech types and given a customized digital skills transformation training. 

The insights gained from the TQAT help participants achieve unprecedented growth in tech proficiency leading to performance gains of 11%, digital skills gains of 30%, and over 15 days saved per participant.  

We call the experience The TQAT Journey.   This program can be rolled out to the entire organization because the TQAT focuses on universal technology like Microsoft 365 apps, PCs/smartphones, and Google Search.

TQAT Job Aid

TQAT TQ Profile Tool

Combine the TQAT With Get Control Training to Achieve Maximum Growth

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Team, Individual, Train-the-Trainer, and Sales Partner Programs

Discover Your Tech Type In Order to Grow

  • Help Colleagues Discover Their TQ Profile
  • Understand the Differences Between Each Profile
  • Explain How Profiles Can Progress Over Time
  • Explore Relationships Between Profiles
  • Deliver Long-Range Learning Goals
TQ Profile

The Tech Quotient Assessment Tool (TQAT) is like DISC® or MBTI® instruments but for tech proficiency. 

  • TQ Trainer Certification Includes Overview of the TQAT
  • A Revolutionary New Way to Boost Organization Performance
  • Sorts Professionals into Four Distinct Tech Profile Types
  • Provides Insight into Participants’ Unique Tech Profile
  • Each Colleague Receives Full TQ Profile Report & Action Plan
  • Associates Access Quick-Hit Videos in 7 Languages
  • Custom Four Week Plan Guides Helps Associates Boost TQ
  • Complete Pre-to-Post Measurement
  • Critical Insights in the Age of the Internet of Things


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Get Control's Unique Approach to Digital Transformation Training

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According to McKinsey, 70% of all digital skills transformation training programs fail.  The problem?  High-level designers fail to see what the user experience is like.  They create dull, dry, academic programs that no one likes.  They find almost every way to make digital transformation training boring.  Without buzz, the word never spreads and the program peters out.  By contrast, Get Control! creates exciting, engaging training that spreads virally throughout the enterprise.  Just complete the form on this page to check out our white papers and case studies!  

Our innovative approach is detailed in our bestselling book: The Hamster Revolution for TQ: How to Thrive in the Post-Covid, Virtual World of Work.  The book is based on our Get Control! of TQ (Tech Quotient) training program. We have developed buzzworthy learning modules that create a steady stream of “Wow” moments for your people.  We focus on universal technology like smartphones, Office 365, and Google Search.  Our universal technology approach allows us to involve everyone in your organization.  Once participants attend one of our award-winning Get Control! University Webinars, they sign up for more and bring their friends. 

New Digital Transformation Assessment Tool

The other big problem with digital transformation training is that measuring progress and results is difficult.  How do you know who transformed the most?  We invented a new kind of diagnostic tool, The Tech Quotient Assessment Tool (TQAT™) that sorts your people into four distinct tech types and provides instant feedback and training based on their unique tech profile. It’s like DISC or MBTI, but for tech proficiency!

Once your people can see how they compare to others, they are motivated to transform themselves into tech-savvy, highly efficient clients.  Our assessment includes another radical idea: It isn’t just facility with Office 365 that matters — one’s ability to spread these ideas to the others is an extremely important aptitude.  Are you tracking?  The TQAT measures, improves, and inspires tech knowledge-sharing experts in your own organization.  Our process automatically builds an army of talented, highly motivated Digital Transformation Coaches that boost the success of your digital transformation initiative. 

We make digital skills transformation — an exciting, fun team activity that produces measurable results, productivity gains, and self-awareness.  In short, we’ve gamified digital transformation.

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What's Your Tech Type?

The program:

  • Increase tech proficiency by 30%
  • Is easily rolled out to any size organization
  • Contains hundreds of “Wow” tech tip moments
  • Includes a revolutionary, new diagnostic tool
  • Cultivates tech mentors who spread ideas across the enterprise
  • Includes access to award-winning digital training in 8 languages
  • Includes a gamification component that is completely unique