equipment for virtual meetings8 Best Virtual Meeting Equipment Strategies

Equipment for virtual meetings is more important than ever! Set yourself up to present like a pro by using the best equipment for virtual meetings.  If you like the tips, complete the form to receive a copy of our Virtual Skills Training Brochure!

1. Add front-lighting to look your best

Erase shadows and look sharp via a dimmable LED Video Light or Ring Light.

2. Use a Laptop Stand to See Eye-to-Eye

No one wants to look up your nose! See eye-to-eye via a simple PC stand.

3. Upgrade your Headset

If a sound check reveals that your audio quality is low, invest in a better USB headset.

4. Add a Second Monitor

A second monitor is a powerful tool that allows you to stage documents, see the meeting chat, check the agenda, preview upcoming slides, and google questions off-screen.

5. Use a Big, Easy-to-See Digital Clock

Keep meetings on-time via a well-positioned, easy-to-see digital clock with USB ports and temp.

6. Include Company Branding in Your Virtual Background

Add a professional look to your meetings by displaying a logo, product, or business award behind you. While a real backdrop is best, you can also try a custom, branded virtual background.

7. Tell Your Personal Story via Visual Cues

Your backdrop can be sad or engaging. Build relationships by letting colleagues into your world via family photos, sports memorabilia, or musical instruments. Use larger items for clarity.

8. Use a Privacy Sign

A simple “Do Not Disturb” sign will help everyone know that you’re in an important meeting.

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