The Best Virtual Meeting Tip

Mike Song BlogAvoid Back-to-Back Meetings

Go from worst to first by using this excellent remote meeting tip.  Working from home is tough. Running effective virtual team meetings is harder still.  In this video, Mike Song shares a simple, new way to avoid the dreaded back-to-back meeting.  When you have a meeting that ends at 11 AM and another that starts at 11 AM it can be extremely stressful.  How can anyone be in two places at once!

The solution is to build a buffer zone into your Outlook or Google Calendar.  Best-selling author, Mike Song will walk you through the steps so that every meeting you attend will allow you to:

  • Prep for the next meeting
  • Stretch your legs
  • Review the next meeting’s agenda
  • Tweak your presentation
  • and so on.

Complete the form on this page or click here to learn more about the Get Control! of Virtual Meetings, Outlook, and Teams Class.  We also offer live meeting training and modules for Zoom, Webex, and GoToMeeting tools.

Let’s end back-to-back meetings once and for all by implementing the best virtual meeting tip ever!