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TQ: Your New BFF?

Why TQ (Tech Quotient) is the Most Important Skill
Every professional must get control of their Tech Quotient


TQ Tech Quotient is your New Best Friend

Your New BFF?

Can you imagine a friend who helped you to relax and thrive at work?  And what if this “friend” also helped you get a big raise and a great promotion!  Well TQ (Tech Quotient) is that friend!  TQ is the ability to strategically learn, leverage, and share technology.  Technology skills matter more than ever because technology has invaded every facet of modern life!  That’s why we created the Get Control! of TQ class.

Professionals must become better at the tasks and technology that consumes the BIGGEST part of the day.  Most professionals spend more than half the day working on email, meetings, SharePoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams. As a result, increasing tech skills with those areas has a profound impact on productivity.  It’s also why classes like Get Control! of Email and Get Control! Get Organized have achieved incredible results for clients like Novartis and Capital One. They boost TQ!

Historical Context

Let’s explore TQ’s place in history.  In 1904, Alfred Binet developed the first Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test. It is a standardized set of questions that differentiate human intelligence.  In 1995, Daniel Goleman, building on the work of other researchers, published his groundbreaking book — Emotional Intelligence. He observed that IQ alone often failed to be an accurate predictor of success.  He argued that Emotional Intelligence, aka Emotional Quotient (EQ), was a far more critical driver of success.

A vast number of programs have been developed to measure and improve EQ.  For example, many managers receive training on how to conduct crucial conversations and work with difficult people.  They also take personality tests like the mbti® (Myers-Briggs) or Disc®. These tests help them interact with a diverse number of people while better understanding their emotional tendencies.

IQ, EQ, and TQ: The Performance Tripod

I believe that IQ, EQ, and TQ are three interwoven talents essential for success in the digital age.  Professionals must have brains and business acumen (IQ).  They must be able to work well with others (EQ). Moreover, they must be efficient and effective with technology (TQ). The Tech Quotient component is by far the most critical.  It has been given little focus even though employees have been overwhelmed and overloaded by technology for over a decade.

TQ is the future of work.  Master technology and your performance will soar.

Next Steps: Email us for info on our Tech Quotient training at info@getcontrol.net.  We can help you assess your Tech Quotient via our new TQAT™ Assessment Tool.  We will provide you with your TQP™, Tech Quotient Profile and then provide targeted training.  Before you know it, TQ will be your new BFF!


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