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Is your team ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of Excel mastery with our Get Control of Excel webinar! Discover an arsenal of shortcuts, pivot table wizardry, and formatting tricks to streamline your workflow. But that's not all—learn how to effortlessly transform raw data into invaluable insights in mere moments. Don't miss out! Explore our free sample video and schedule a consultation to embark on your Excel webinar training adventure today! Scroll down to see full description.

Excel Training - Excel WebinarGet Control of Excel Webinar: Boost Excel Skills by 30% Are you looking to take your Excel skills to the next level? Our Excel 1 and 2 classes are designed to help you master the primary and intermediate features of Excel so you can use it to analyze data, create reports, and make better decisions. The class starts with an exciting scenario in which you are selected to help with a significant project at DroneZone, the world's leading recreational drone company. You receive and analyze an actual DroneZone spreadsheet. You'll:

• Learn essential Excel best practices and formatting techniques

• Discover incredible, time-saving hidden features and shortcuts.

• Use Clean Design principles to reformat confusing spreadsheets

• Turn raw data into useful information via Conditional Formatting, AutoSum, and Freeze features

• Create stunning visuals such as tables, Pivot tables, charts, and graphs that reveal critical patterns and trends

• Master formulas and functions like Vlookup, Concatenate, and Countif • Use the Analyze Data feature to gain insights and make better decisions rapidly

• How to make inferences by mastering Pivot Charts, Macros, Slicers, and Dashboards

The session concludes with a fun celebration as you help DroneZone boost sales and performance thanks to your new Excel skills. Best of all, you can practice each insight via your sample spreadsheet and digital handout.