Microsoft Teams Training - Take Your Team to the Next Level!

Microsoft Teams Training

            Mike Song - Teams Trainer

Do you want to use Microsoft Teams to get more done? Are you ready to take your communication, collaboration, and organizational skills to the next level?

Our Microsoft Teams Training is here to help you unlock the platform's full potential, empowering you to achieve more with your team. Learn advanced chat features, build a customized MS Team, create dedicated channels, and run extraordinary meetings using Team's Calendar feature.

Organize your file area, insert powerful apps (Planner, Forms, OneNote, and more) into a team channel, and discover many more exciting features that will supercharge your productivity.

Top 3 Benefits of Our Microsoft Teams Training Class:

  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Discover how to create, manage, and optimize team channels to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration between team members. Maximize the effectiveness of shared files and leverage integrated apps to boost productivity.
  • Efficient Meeting Management: Master the use of Microsoft Teams' Calendar feature to schedule, organize, and run productive meetings. Learn best practices for managing attendees, sharing content, and using advanced features to ensure that every meeting is engaging and effective.
  • Streamlined Organization: Improve your organizational skills with hands-on training in managing your file area, integrating powerful apps like Planner, Forms, and OneNote into your team channels, and utilizing advanced chat features for better communication within your team.